Area High School Coaches Sound Off On New NFL Pass Interference Rule



We asked the area and local high school football coaches for their thoughts and comments on the NFL's recently changed pass interference rule that makes pass interference call challengeable and reviewable like most other significant plays. This rule was changed after the New Orleans Saints "No Call" play against the Los Angeles Rams in last season's NFC Championship game that likely would have sent the Saints to the Super Bowl had it been called as pass interference, which in my opinion, it certainly was. As usual our coaches had some great responses.

"I think the new rule is good for the league. When you have the technology to be able to get the call right, I think you need to take advantage of that. Officiating is tough, everyone expects them to be perfect and that's unfair. I have always believed that you don't want the officials to determine the outcome of a game, whither it be bad calls or no calls. Coaches and players work too hard for the opportunity to win a championship. In those moments you just want the officials to get it right." Jonathon Barber, Franklinton High School Head football coach.

"I like that they addressed the issue. Pass interference can be a game changing play. It certainly was in the Saints/Rams game. I would have liked to see the NFL put a ref in the booth with a head set radio to assist refs on the field. He would only weigh in on the big calls. But I think that would show the game down like extra replay challenges. But they did the right thing with addressing the issue." Bradley Seal, Pine High School Head football coach

"Well, with being a die hard Saints fan, I like it as I am still bitter about that game. As much as we give referees hell, they are human and can't see everything. Each sport is evolving and becoming better which makes it faster and tougher to see every call. Each sport is going to some type of replay system which will help." Boomer Nunez, Bowling Green School Head football coach.

"I was at the Saints game when the penalty wasn't called and the call was obvious even from the stands. Personally, I'm glad that it's reviewable. At the end of the day you want the right call made or not made. With technology as developed as it is during this day and time., we should be able to use technology to eliminate human error. It hurts to lose at any level high school, college or NFL but to lose over a bad call or no call hurts even worse. Yes, it's just a game to some people, but some people don't understand the time and hard work the athletes and coaches have put into that game." Adam Brumfield, Bogalusa High School Head football coach.

"I am not a big NFL fan. I don't have any team I regularly follow. Reviews should be limited. I like the ability to challenge a call. One red flag a half for each Head Coach. There are too many reviews now in college and pro football." Steven Jones, Hammond High School Head football coach.

"I support the new rule for its effort to make the game more efficient for the players, fans and referees. I hope they can find a way to keep the game from extending too long though. Maybe shorter commercials." Johnny Felder, St Helena High School Head football coach.

"No doubt human error from officials and umpires is real and at one time understandable, however with advances in technology there is no longer an excuse to miss those type calls in critical situations so I completely agree with doing everything they can do to make things right. Is it a year too late, no, it just sucks the Saints got screwed but it took that blown call to make sure everything is right going forward." Brett Beard, Live Oak High School Head football coach.

"The average fan wants to see offense. The pass interference being reviewable plays to the continued offensive agenda of the NFL. Offense sells tickets. I would imagine the average fan loves this rule. I'm more old school. Throw the cameras away. Let's get back to Iron Man football where defense wins championships. Big hits sell tickets." Scott Shaffett, Independence High School Head football coach.


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