Car smashes into Franklinton clothing store

The Winn-Dixie Shopping Center in Franklinton was crowded with police officers and emergency personnel on Wednesday of this week after a car smashed into the Cato’s clothing store.

The driver of a Volvo sedan told police she put the vehicle into drive instead of reverse and looked back over her shoulder, intending to back up.

Instead, the car lurched forward, smashed into the store and actually traveled through the store before coming to a stop.

Unfortunately, a 72-year-old woman was shopping in the store when the accident occurred, and she was hit by the Volvo sedan. She was transported to the hospital for emergency treatment by ambulance.

The driver of the Volvo wasn’t injured, but severe damage occurred to the store.

It is a type of accident that has occurred several times in Franklinton over the years. Some time back, a driver ran through the front of the former Franklinton post office. Police advise all drivers, and especially older drivers, to make certain a vehicle is in the correct gear before accelerating out of a parked position.

(Photo above shows the Volvo sedan inside the Cato’s store.)


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