Franklinton City Council Holds Meeting


The Franklinton Mayor and Board of Aldermen held their regularly scheduled meeting last Tuesday at Franklinton Town Hall.
Ordinance #1070 was brought up for public participation. The ordinance had been introduced at an earlier meeting. Ordinance #1070 would raise the sanitation rates for residential and business customers in Franklinton by $.40 each month. The cost increase was brought to the Council by Amwaste of Louisiana. Amwaste has the sanitation contract with the town and has the option to increase rates. The small increase was the first change in approximately 10 years. The Board of Aldermen approved the increase. Effective August 15, 2019, sanitation charges in the town will be $16.20 per month for residential customers and $16.20 per month for commercial customer.
The Board followed by acting on Ordinance #1071. The ordinance amends closing hours in Chapter 3 of the Town's Code of Ordinances that deals with alcoholic beverage closing hours. The permissible hours for alcohol sales in the Town of Franklinton had been from 6 AM through 10 PM on any day of the week. The new ordinance extends the hours from 6 AM through midnight on any day of the week. The Board voted to approve Ordinance #1071.
The third ordinance of the meeting, Ordinance #1072, deals with Chapter 3 in the Town's Code of Ordinances regarding the sale of alcoholic beverages through drive-in windows. Ordinance #1072 would allow businesses that sell alcoholic beverages for consumption off the premises only to put a sticker or other marking on cups and all containers.
Previously the ordinance required these businesses to have an embossed logo on cups and containers. The Board approved Ordinance #1072.
Town Clerk Ellen Waskom presented the financial report to the Board of Aldermen. In the General Fund, the total income for the month of June was $321,967, total expenses were $279,096, other income totaled $8211 with a net profit of $51,082 for the month of June. The General Fund has a year-to-date profit of 62,031. In the Enterprise Fund for the month of June, the total income was $210,406 with total expenses of $150,470, a net expense of $15,024 with a net income of $46,399. The Enterprise Fund has a year-to-date balance of $106,945. All other accounts have a year-to-date profit.
Chief Dustin Waskom presented the June report for the Town's fire department. The department responded to 4 structure fires, 6 motor vehicle accidents, 4 alarms, 1 grass fire, 31 medical callouts and 3 spills/leaks. The current call volume for 2019 is 379 with 49 calls coming in the month of June. All equipment is operational and in service with the exception of the tanker. The department is in the process of obtaining a new tanker which will take approximately seven months to be built.
The Board approved an alcohol renewal permit for Don Juan's Mexican Restaurant. The permit was reviewed by the town attorney and chief of police.


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