Franklinton City Council Meets


The Franklinton Mayor and Board of Aldermen held their regularly scheduled meeting last Tuesday at Town Hall.
Bids were opened for a new tanker that is needed by the Franklinton Fire Department. A total of three bids were received. Passman's EVT submitted a bid of $258,789 for a tanker on a 2020 chassis and another bid of $168,450 for a tanker on a 2011 chassis with 322,587 miles. The third bid came from Bonaventure Fire and Safety for a 2020 chassis and tanker for $255,184.
The three bids will be discussed by a committee of Alderman Darwin Sharp, Alderman John Daniel, Town Clerk Ellen Waskom and Fire Chief Dustin Wascom. The committee will make a recommendation to the Board which should be presented at the next meeting.
Ordinance 1067 was introduced at Tuesday's meeting. The ordinance deals with fines for the use of telecommunications devices outside of school zones in Franklinton. The ordinance will be voted on at the following meeting.
The Board discussed a rate increase that is being charged to the Town from Amwaste. The company provides weekly garbage pickups for citizens in Franklinton. The contract from Amwaste includes a clause that allows them to increase the price for their services. The current rate is $15.80 per month and there hasn't been a price increase in three years. The Board voted to direct Town Attorney Ellen Creel to draw up an ordinance that would pass the 40 cents increase on to each customer. The ordinance will be discussed at a future meeting and could be introduced at this time.
Superintendent Reginald McMasters presented a report to the Board from the Public Works Department for the month of May. The Water Department had 19 connects and 17 disconnects, new meters were installed for three new customers, 100 new water meter heads were installed while flushing 22 fire hydrants, installing 10 new meter boxes and rereading 30 meters.
The Gas Department made nine connects and nine disconnects, investigated four gas leaks, lit 10 pilot lights, had one read in-readout with 30 gas rereads. The Sewer Department pulled six pumps, responded to 18 sewer backup cleanout calls, replaced five cleanout sets, cleaned out 15 culverts and 20 ditches, mowed 18 different locations, repaired 10 driveways, installed 11 new road signs, picked up 15 piles of limbs, gave out 11 garbage cans, picked up 19 animals, repaired 20 potholes, replaced 10 stop signs, swept the streets five times and began spraying for mosquitoes.
The Town Clerk gave the Administrative Report for the month of May. $179,000 was collected in the General Fund which is down approximately $5000 from the same time last year while up $77,000 year to date. The Economic Development-Recreation fund collected $9400 this year compared to $9700 at this time last year. Alcohol renewal permits continue to be received. At this time, there are no requests for new permits, according to the town clerk.
The Board also approved alcohol permit renewals for the following businesses: Jack Brown's Food Store, CVS, 1231 Daiquiris, Valero Stop One, Stop Two and K and V. All applications submitted for renewal were reviewed and approved by the town attorney and Police Chief Justin Brown.
The Washington Parish Youth Coalition made a PowerPoint presentation at last week's meeting. The group discussed underage drinking, gave statistics received from local students and provided helpful information on the dangers of alcohol use. Presentations have already been made to other groups of all ages in an effort to decrease underage drinking.
Qiana Wiggins made a presentation on the upcoming 2020 census. Wiggins urged people to become involved in helping with the census and encouraged everyone to submit answers to the 2020 census. She stated that Franklinton and Washington Parish will be better served from the state and local levels if more people participate in the process of answering census questions.