Franklinton Council Approves Alcohol Ordinance


The Franklinton Mayor and Board of Aldermen held their regular scheduled meeting last Tuesday at Franklinton Town Hall.

The Board of Aldermen approved Ordinance 1069 in the Town's laws pertaining to alcohol sales. The ordinance repeals what was Chapter 3, Section 2 and Chapter 3 Section 3 and replaces these two sections. The former ordinance dealt with low content alcohol in Section 2 and high content alcohol in Section 3.

After the December 2018 referendum, there was no longer a need to separate low content alcohol and high content alcohol and the new ordinance combines both low and high content alcohol in Section 2. Ordinance 1069 also establishes permit fees and the different classes of permits. As defined by Louisiana Revised Statutes Title 26, permits are available in Class A (wholesale), Class B (off premises, package), Class C (off premises, package, no one under 18), Class AG (on premises, general),Class AR (on premises, restaurant) and Special Event. Applications for permits may be obtained from the Town Clerk.

Town Clerk Ellen Waskom presented the financial report for the Town of Franklinton to the Board of Aldermen. For the month of April in the General Fund, there was a total income of $446,000 with expenses of $497,000, other income including $74,437 for a loss of $126,036. The year-to-date amount shows a loss of $28,539. The Enterprise Fund for the month of April shows a total income of $217,296 with total expenses of $256,408 and a other income of $1520. Other expenses totaled $83,987 for a net loss of $121,577. The year-to-date shows a profit of $20,339. Town auditor Minda B. Raybourn presented the annual audit report to the Board. The Town received a favorable report from the auditor.

Citizens may obtain a copy of this year's audit at Town Hall.

Police Chief Justin Brown gave a report to the Board for the police department. The chief stated that all full-time, reserve and office personnel have continued completing POST mandated training to include; communicating with the deaf and hard of hearing, ethics for public safety and sexual harassment in the workplace. •Continued on Page A6 Detective Chad Dorsett attended a free training course hosted by the Louisiana Attorney General's Office regarding sexual violence investigations. Pfc Anthony Cox attended a free training course at the Regional Counter-Drug Training Academy regarding Opioid and Fentanyl Processing to learn proper procedures and handling of these very dangerous drugs. Dispatcher Arial Westbrook attended a communications officer workshop focused on stress management. Officers also conducted one DWI checkpoint and four Occupant Protection and Enforcement checks at different locations. Officers made 755 total contacts at the DWI checkpoint with four citations issued. At the Occupant Protection Checkpoints, 1875 total contacts were made with two citations issued for child restraint, 21 issued for seatbelt violations with a total of 31 citations issued. One of the additional citations was for possession of marijuana. The cost of the checkpoints was funded through a Louisiana Highway Safety Grant.

Bids were opened for sale of surplus goods. Three bids were received on the former mayor's car. The high bid was $7850 and was accepted by the Board of Aldermen.


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