Franklinton council ok's purchase of fire truck


The tanker truck for the Franklinton Fire Department was again the main topic of last Tuesday's Town Council meeting at Franklinton Town Hall. The citizens of Franklinton and surrounding areas have been without the services of a tanker fire truck for the last six months. After numerous delays and varying reasons of not purchasing a replacement tanker, the matter was finally resolved after two resolutions passed to allow the fire department to purchase a tanker. According to Passman's E.V.T., the company that will build the tanker, it will be approximately 6 to 7 months before the fire department will receive their new piece of equipment. Town Attorney Ellen Creel prepared two resolutions and read them to the Board of Aldermen in Tuesday's meeting. The first resolution dealt with where the payment would come from for the 2011 Chassis with a new 3000 gallon tank and 500 GPM pump. The total equipment price is $168,450. There will be $100,000 taken from the fire department's savings account with the remaining $68,450 financed over a three-year period. Also, $12,000 will be appropriated from the fire department's checking account for the purchase of an additional three-year standard powertrain warranty which will begin at the conclusion of the one-year bumper-to-bumper warranty provided by the seller. The second resolution authorizes the mayor to sign any and all documents in the principal amount of $68,450, and bearing interest at no more than 3.658% per annum, due and payable over three annual installments of $24,826.43 each with the first payment being due July 1, 2020 and providing a purchase price after those three payments of no more than $1 at the conclusion of the contract term. The documents shall be executed only after review and attorney approval of the contract between Passman's E.V.T. and Government Capital Corporation for the acquisition of the tanker truck in order to ensure its terms comport with the Council's authorization, intent, and the bids submitted, as well as to ensure that its terms identify the Town of Franklinton as a third-party beneficiary of the contract, including but not limited to having the right to enforce all warranties in regards to the equipment. The Board of Aldermen unanimously approved both resolutions and the Franklinton Fire Department will now be able to put down a deposit and order the tanker truck described above. In other business, Superintendent of Public Works Reginald McMasters presented the report for his department for the month of June. In the Water Department, there were 12 water connects and 12 water disconnects, 2 installs of new water meters, one install of a sprinkler meter, 6 read out-read ins, 2 water reconnects, repaired 7 water meters, replaced 60 water meters (RG3 Heads shipped back on 6/27), reread 3 water meters for pool fill up, reread 4 water meters, had 6 flush outs, 12 water audits and 1 water sample. In the Gas Department, there were 3 gas connects and 3 gas disconnects, 1 gas reconnect with 3 gas meters being reread. In the Sewer Department, there were 2 repairs of sewer lines, 2 replacements of cleanout sets and 1 sewer backup. In the Streets Department, 2 days were spent digging ditches, 6 days were spent cutting grass, 4 driveway repairs, 10 days picking up limbs in the road, issued 5 new garbage cans, picked up 4 garbage cans, swept the streets of town 4 times, had 15 locates and sprayed for mosquitoes 16 days. For an overview, there were 30 reconnects after cutoffs. The total for the month was 250. Town Clerk Ellen Waskom presented the sales tax report for the month of June. For the month, the town collected $178,154.45 in sales taxes compared to $180,906.73 for June 2018, a difference of $-2842. Chief Justin Brown presented the report from the police department. Detective Chad Dorsett attended a three day class in Slidell pertaining to Homicide - The Investigative Challenge. Sgt. John Herring and Pfc. Anthony Cox both attended a certification on the Intoxilyzer 9000 in Alexandria --- this is the machine used in checking a driver’s Alcohol Levels pertaining to Driving Under the Influence cases. Lieut. Will Brumfield attended the Magnolia State Peace Officers Association of Louisiana Conference held in Natchitoches where he received training in active shooter, legal updates, Next Generation identification, Use of Force mitigation, Valor, Verbal De-escalation and the LA Juvenile Justice System. Pfc. Justin Stogner along with Cpl. James Harper attended "Hide in Plain Sight" at Southeastern University, in Hammond, La. which is a class that updates officers on current trends criminals are using to hide from and deceive officers on where narcotics are being hidden. Cpl. Harper and Sgt Herring responded to a 911 Medical Emergency where Harper rendered CPR to the victim which resulted in the saving of his life. Chief Brown believes he should be considered for the Life Saving Award. Two DWI Checkpoints were conducted. Franklinton Police Department assisted the Washington Parish Sheriff's Office in which one DWI was written along with other citations. The other checkpoint was conducted by the FPD with assistance from the WPSO and Bogalusa Police Department. One DWI was written along with four Expired MVI and one citation was issued for no driver's license. Chief Brown, Captain Tate along with the chief's son and daughter, Drew and Addison Brown, attended the Patriots Day Service at Ben's Ford Church representing the police department. Longtime Franklinton Police Department employee Jennifer Barber was recognized in Tuesday's meeting. She was presented with a watch from the town and a plaque from the police department for her 17 years of service. Jennifer has served as a dispatcher at the Police Department and has been instrumental in the success of the department. She said she plans to enjoy her retirement, but has told Chief Brown she will fill in when needed.


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