He called to report bad driver but he got more than he expected

A February 29 response by Washington Parish Sheriff's Office patrol deputies to a complaint about a careless driver led to the arrest of the complainant. Trevor Douglas Honaker, 18, a resident of Highway 436, called the Sheriff's Office to report a vehicle being driven in a careless manner on Highway 436. Patrol deputies responded to the scene and located both Honaker and the driver of the other vehicle. Both were arrested.
The driver of the carelessly operated vehicle was arrested on traffic offenses.
Honaker, the complainant, was arrested and booked into the Washington Parish Jail on one count of possession with intent to distribute marijuana. Deputies who responded to Honaker's complaint discovered he had three separate packagers of marijuana totaling more than 31 grams on his person and in his vehicle, plus a quantity of cash. When he was booked into the jail, Honaker's bond was set at $10,000. He was released on March 1 after posting bond.
"Patrol deputies Chad Cassard, Kyle Stogner and John Tullos did an excellent job," stated Sheriff Randy Seal. "Once again, our alert patrol deputies were able to arrest and jail another drug offender. When you see our officers working throughout the parish, whether driving or making a traffic stop, please know they are constantly protecting us."