Legislature OK's Bill That Would Defend "Milk" Labeling

A bill designed to prevent non-milk products from being labeled as “milk” has passed both the Louisiana State Senate and the State House of Rrepresentatives.
It now goes to the governor to await his signature.
Senate Bill 39, introduced by Sen. Francis Thompson, would ban soy or almond drink products from being labeled as milk in grocery stores. The bill would only become effective if (a) the governor signs it and (b) if the federal government adopts a similar rule.
The bill defines “milk” as “the lacteal secretion” of “one or more healthy cows,” though it also says “milk” could include “goat, sheep, water buffalo, camel milk, and the milk of other hooved animals.”
The bill comes at a time when numerous consumers are switching from dairy milk to other so-called milk products, even though the nutritional value of these other products as compared to real milk is quite questionable.
State Sen. Beth Mizell of Franklinton said, “This bill came about from a commission that was created to find some answers on the situation that is confronting our dairy farmers. The intent of the commission was to find some means to grow the dairy industry here in Louisiana, helping the dairy farmers survive the struggles they face.”
She added, “This labelling on these products such as almond and soy drinks would be a means to clarify the dairy from the non-dairy products, enforcing the integrity of what we all know to be truly milk. Whether this labelling will help the dairy farmers is yet to be seen, but what we all know is that our dairy farmers struggle daily to maintain their operations and they are desperate for relief on the pricing of the milk they work hard to provide.”


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