Let's Get Growing!


During this time of the year, vegetable gardening takes on a lull; not too much going on. But there are some plants to consider.

Plant: okra, peppers, southern peas and shallots. As temperatures moderate, we will be able to plant several more vegetables with success.

Keeping our guard up against mosquitoes With the rain we have experienced, let's remember to do a few safety measures against West Nile.

1. Dispose of all items that are not being used that can hold water. Examples: cans, pots, old tires, etc.

2. Empty any accumulated water from wheelbarrows, pet dishes, toy and flower pots. If possible, turn these items over when not in use.

3. Do not allow water to stagnate in birdbaths, ornamental pools, water gardens, etc.

4. If your landscape needs to be altered to eliminate standing water, do so. Remember, during warm weather mosquitoes can breed in any puddle of water.

5. Remember, mosquitoes will be with us until cool weather comes, usually in late October and early November. Remember this - even though your property may lack mosquito breeding sites, mosquitoes can travel two to three miles from their breeding sites in search of a blood meal. Be sure to protect yourself and others by wearing protective clothing and using good repellant when you are outside.

Forestry Landowners Toured Bracy's Nursery

On July 11, 2019, a group of forestry landowners toured Bracy's Nursery in Tangipahoa Parish. This event was planned as their annual field day. Randal Bracy, owner, along with manager Tom Cheers and other staff members showcased to the forestry group the operation of the nursery - from timber production, nursery stock, potting plants to shipping plants. The group left the nursery with a greater appreciation for the industry and its impact on the state's economy. Listed in no particular order, are the individuals who attended the tour, and they are pictured above: John Nichols, Todd Covington, Marie Galloway, Bill and Nellie Jenkins, Deni and Paul Lobell, Randy and Mary Thomas, James and Karen Porter, Mike and Betty Cassidy, C K Griffin, Leo and Sue Macias, R W Richardson, G L Foret, Melanie Kennedy, Keith Fussell, Henry Harrison, and Randy Bracy.


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