Local man charged with assaulting pregnant wife, fleeing from deputies, fighting with officers

Dylan Miley, 25, a resident of Highway 424, landed in the Washington Parish Jail last week after physically assaulting his wife, fleeing from Washington Parish Sheriff's Office deputies, and fighting with the officers after they caught up with him.
Detective Kody Glenn and Patrol Sergeant Jay Dupre responded to a report of a man assaulting his pregnant wife at a residence on Highway 424. Arriving at the scene, the two officers encountered a woman with visible injuries whose husband initially was hiding inside the house but then ran outside and fled in his pickup truck, heading west on Highway 424.
Both officers pursued Miley in their vehicles, with Sgt. Dupre being closest behind him. At times, Miley would suddenly apply his brakes, as if in an attempt to cause Sgt. Dupre to ram him. At one point, Miley stopped suddenly, put his truck in reverse, and collided with the pursuing patrol vehicle. Miley then fled again, headed to the driveway of his parents' residence. At that time, Sgt. Dupre conducted a tactical maneuver and disabled Miley's vehicle.

Sgt. Dupre and Detective Glenn then approached Miley's vehicle. The vehicle doors were locked and Miley refused to exit after being given several verbal commands to do so. Sgt. Dupre then used his flashlight to break the driver's side window, at which point Miley attempted to gain control of Sgt. Dupre's pistol. Miley continued to resist and attempted to pull Sgt. Dupre into the vehicle through the broken window. Sgt. Dupre was able to pull free and used his taser in an attempt to subdue Miley.
Despite being tased, Miley attempted to drive his vehicle away, at which time he was administered a second taser burst. Detective Glenn then took a tool from the bed of Miley's truck and broke the passenger side window to gain entrance to the vehicle. Detective Glenn then was able to remove Miley from the truck and place him on the ground. Miley continued to resist until he was handcuffed.
During the scuffle with Miley, Detective Glenn sustained a cut on his arm which required medical attention. Northshore EMS responded to the scene, treated Detective Glenn and evaluated Miley, who was medically cleared.
Meanwhile, Northshore EMS also responded to the scene of the domestic violence, treated the injured woman and transported her to the hospital. Detective Captain Tom Anderson and Patrol Deputy James Gregorio went to the hospital and obtained a statement from her.
Miley was booked into the Washington Parish Jail charged with domestic abuse strangulation, domestic abuse battery, domestic abuse on a pregnant woman, aggravated flight from an officer, aggravated assault with a vehicle on an officer, resisting an officer with force or violence , contempt of court and being a fugitive from the Louisiana Department of Probation and Parole. Although a $50,000 bond was set for his current charges, he is not eligible for release due to his fugitive status.
Miley has been in the Washington Parish Jail six additional times dating back to April 2016. Previous charges include drug offenses, carrying a concealed weapon, domestic assault and failure to appear in court.
"This young man's very poor choices should earn him several years in a state prison," said Sheriff Randy Seal. "He endangered the life of his pregnant wife, his unborn child, law enforcement officers and all other persons who were traveling on Highway 424 at the time. I encourage the District Attorney's Office to vigorously prosecute him."


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