Riverside Laboratory Opens After Renovation, Expansion


A major laboratory renovation is now complete at Riverside Medical Center.
This renovation started in mid-March of this year, and on August 13th Mrs. Jean Thomas became the first patient drawn in the new space. With the renovation, the laboratory doubled in square footage. This increase was drastically needed to house equipment and provided better work flow for RMC team members.
The waiting area along with the drawing area will now accommodate the increasing volume of patients that have been served at Riverside during the last several years.
The core lab where testing occurs now provides adequate spacing for each platform of testing. This results in a more efficient workflow and a decrease in result turnaround time. Decreased turnaround times provide results to physicians quicker, which can in turn produce better patient outcomes.
Jeffrey Vince, Director of Riverside's Laboratory, said, "This is a great stride for Riverside Medical Center and we are so proud to be able to share this with our community."
Riverside Medical Center would like to thank the people of Washington Parish for their continued support through this project.
"This was a much needed improvement for Riverside Medical Center and the citizens of Washington Parish,” said Peter Sullivan, CEO of RMC.
He added, “It is our commitment to provide excellent clinical care, ensure patient safety and continued viability of Riverside. This lab relocation and expansion covers all three of those priorities. It is also an example of how we use public funds including our tax millage to continue to improve patient care. This is just one of the many improvements we have made here at Riverside with many more to come.”
Riverside Medical Center welcomes residents to visit the renovated full service laboratory for any laboratory needs.
“We’re sure everyone will be pleased with this latest renovation,” Sullivan said.


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