Will we have high school football this fall?

Will high school football be played in Washington Parish this fall?

Months of discussion has not resulted in a definite answer. However, the issue was at least defined on Monday of this week when the executive director of the Louisiana High School Athletic Association told the state legislature that contact football practice and actual games will not begin until LHSAA goes into Phase 4 of its reopening plan.

It is currently in Phase 2.

The LHSAA phases are different from the State of Louisiana re-opening phases. They are dependent, however, on how quickly the state recovers from the Coronavirus outbreak.

For actual contact football and games to take place, LHSAA must reach Phase 4, and it is currently quite a ways away from accomplishing that.

And even if games do actually take place, LHSAA has not yet started consideration of whether or not spectators would be allowed to attend.

So at this point, there is not an answer to the question about football games this fall, but what is now known is that the state is still a long ways from reaching the Phase 4 threshold that would make games possible.

See Damon's Smith column in The Era-Leader this week for the coaches' opinions on why we need high school football this fall.

(Photo above shows FHS quarterback Jasper Lasalle trying to evade a Bogalusa defender during last season's game.)


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