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Across Washington Parish, TV sets will be turned on and fans will be glued to the screens Saturday, as the LSU Tigers take on the Georgia Bulldogs for the Southeastern Conference Championship.
The 2019 Franklinton Christmas Festival got off to a rousing start last Saturday evening, begining with Christmas songs being sung in front of the Courthouse by different local groups.
Numerous Washington Parish residents are expected to be present next Wednesday evening in Mandeville when Judge Will Crain is sworn in as a justice on the Louisiana Supreme Court.
Former Franklinton Mayor Wayne Fleming died Tuesday afternoon in Arizona following a long battle with an aggressive form of cancer. He was 73.
(Update) Pine fell to Many in the 3rd round of the state playoffs Friday night, bringing to an end its historic 2019 season.

2019-2020 school year starts this week

They’re baaaack! Schools are --- or will be --- back in session this week in Washington Parish. Students started classes at Bowling Green on Wednesday, while Washington Parish schools will begin on Friday. Motorists are reminded to use caution and obey speed limits in school zones, both within Franklinton and elsewhere around the parish.

Let's Get Growing!


During this time of the year, vegetable gardening takes on a lull; not too much going on. But there are some plants to consider.

Plant: okra, peppers, southern peas and shallots. As temperatures moderate, we will be able to plant several more vegetables with success.



The annual Memorial Day program wil be held on Monday, May 27 at Fisher Cemetery in the Richardson... READ MORE


There are many disease problems that will plague tomatoes grown in our parish.