15 years after Katrina, hoping our hurricanes will be wimps


Saturday, August 27, 2005 was a work day for The Era-Leader’s staff. Massive Hurricane Katrina was out in the Gulf, and our printer wanted our August 31 edition early, just to make sure. There had been plenty of hurricane false alarms in the previous few years, but why take a chance?

We all agreed to come in on Saturday and get our pages done early. After we finished and were leaving the office, I said something like, “See ya’ll Monday, or if not, then certainly Tuesday.”

In fact, it was almost a month before I saw one of those staffers again, and two weeks before I saw another. Several others trickled into the darkened newspaper office during the first week after Hurricane Katrina slammed Washington Parish on Monday, August 29. But it was quite a while before we were all working together again at The Era-Leader as a complete staff.

It’s been 15 years since Katrina. Washington Parish has had numerous other hurricanes and tropical storms during those 15 years. None, however, has measured up to the fury and misery of Katrina. And I hope no storm ever measures up to Katrina. Let Katrina be one and done.

Some might think it’s ironic that as the 15th anniversary of Katrina approaches, two named storms were in the Gulf. But there’s no irony --- it’s hurricane season in Louisiana. In addition to Katrina, many other lesser storms have made their unwelcome appearance near the end of August and the beginning of September.

Normally, no one admires a wimp. But when it comes to hurricanes and tropical storms, may they all be wimps!


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