A bit of good news


It seems in these crazy months all we get to hear is the bad news that on some days continues to spiral. It has reached a point that many of us now just check our local news for the weather and brief details. There has been an over saturation of negative occurrences. And every now and then somewhere sandwiched in between there is a cute little dolphin story or charity benefit. And for this reason, I love living in small town Louisiana.
In small towns we really don't have to watch the news to hear what is going on. And a good story can carry across the phone trees and is passed along to social distancers at the local lunch spots.
This is one such good news story I am happy to share:
So, this guy is driving down the road one day all happy to be heading home with his brand new weed eater. He hits a bump and out pops the weed eater, and little does he know this. He just keeps driving until he reaches his destination and there is no weed eater in the bed of his truck.
Cut to: This guy is driving along down the road behind a guy who has a brand new weed eater in his truck. The guy in front of him hits a bump and out pops the weed eater. The guy slows down and gets out to examine the new machine. By now the man is long gone, but the weed eater still looks fine surprisingly. What to do in said dilemma in a world that is rioting and protesting and distancing? I mean literally this brand new weed eater just basically fell right into his lap, and how could he get it back to this guy if he even tried? What would you do? I have always prided myself on being a problem solver, but what this man did would have never popped into my mind!
So, this guy who literally had this brand new weed eater plop right down in his lap decided to go to the full service gas station in the middle of town. He brought the weed eater to the owner of the station and explained what had happened. His guess was that having the gas station in the middle of town maybe there was some chance that somebody would have heard of a man who lost his new weed eater.
The owner of this establishment agreed to take the weed eater believing it would not be likely for somebody to come up for gas and happen to know of a guy who happened to lose a weed eater from the back of his truck. And after thinking on it a little longer, he took a shot at calling the local hardware store. He explained to the owner of the store what had taken place.
The owner of the hardware store asked for the serial number on the machine. The owner of the gas station read this off. The owner of the hardware store looked it up and right there popped up the name of the man who purchased the homeless machine. And one last phone call to reunite the duo was made. The man who received the phone call was shocked beyond the norm. He thought he had basically just lost that weed eater for good. And how many moments in this story could that have been the case?

But that was not the case. And that is why I love living in small town Louisiana. We don't often get to hear these good news stories of how mankind is still good and morals remain strong. It is a bit scary how small the world is when it comes down to the swipe of a serial number, but when this technology is put in the hands of loving, honest people it isn't scary at all. It is a blessing! Reporting live from the downtown streets of Franklinton…there is your smile for today.


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