Editorial: Franklinton trash collection needs to be improved

Some residents of Franklinton have complained about garbage service in recent months. They have every right to.

Complaints revolve around two main issues: First, the pick-up schedule has been spotty. Next, following pick-up, trash containers are frequently left open, sometimes are knocked over, and are rarely placed neatly back alongside the street.

Whether or not the trash collectors should be neat is perhaps open to debate. But simply taking 3 seconds to flip the trash container shut is only common sense. In the rainy weather we've been having recently, when containers are left open they soon collect a good amount of water. It's not always easy for a senior citizen to drain the water from the large container --- and they shouldn't have to. On top of that, the trash collectors are only making their job harder for their next collection because water in the containers adds weight.

A representative of AmWaste appeared recently before the Franklinton City Council to explain why some problems are happening and promised corrections. Coronavirus has been tough for AmWaste, the representative said, with some trash collectors having left the company.

Perhaps so. But some problems with trash collection were occurring long before we ever heard of Coronavirus, including containers not being closed and containers being left helter skelter after collection.

We hope AmWaste can improve its service. The company is surely aware that the Franklinton garbage collection contract comes up for renewal in February 2021. If service is not drastically improved by then, the Franklinton Council should encourage bids from other companies. And the new contract needs to clearly spell out what the expectations are and what penalties will be enforced if those expectations are not met.


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