Editorial: The most important blow is the loss of 58 lives in Washington Parish

The announcement this week that the 2020 Washington Parish Fair has been cancelled was yet another blow delivered by COVID-19.

But the biggest and most important blow of all, of course, is that the virus has caused 58 deaths in Washington Parish. Everything else pales as an inconvenience compared to that.

Sometimes during this pandemic we lose sight of what really counts. 58 families are grieving at the loss of a loved one.

A cancelled Fair --- it will be back next year. Months of schooling lost for our children --- they will survive. Football season delayed and possibly cancelled --- we can handle that. Being forced to wear a mask in public places and maintain our social distancing --- inconvenient, but that's all it is.

Most of us at some point will be able to move ahead, to put this evil virus behind us.

Be thankful for that, and remember and pray for the 58 of our fellow parish residents who are no longer with us.


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