Editorial: New sidewalks in courthouse area enhance Franklinton

Washington Parish President Richard Ned Thomas and the Washington  Parish Government deserve a big round of applause from local residents for spearheading a program to upgrade sidewalks in the courthouse area in downtown Franklinton.

Some sidewalks in Franklinton have long been miserable, so the new ones around the courthouse are a pleasure to see.

The new sidewalks perfectly coordinate with sidewalks installed by the Town of Franklinton a few years ago along Washington Street.

One of the nicest things about the new sidewalks that have just been built is that the Washington Parish Government was able to locate a grant to pay for the project.

It would have been easy for Parish Government to limit the sidewalk improvements to simply on the courthouse property. That didn't happen ---- by extending the classy new sidewalks to the north and south of the courthouse, Parish Government has enhanced the appearance of downtown Franklinton. More importantly, it is now easier for people to walk in that area, thanks to the well-constructed and beautiful new sidewalks.

It would be wonderful if the Town of Franklinton could also locate a grant that would allow the new sidewalks to be extended even farther in the town. Every neighborhood in Franklinton deserves decent sidewalks, not just for normal pedestrian traffic but also to encourage healthy walking.

Meanwhile, a hearty thanks goes out to President Thomas and the Parish Government for this hugely appreciated project!




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