Letter to the editor: civil discussion among citizens is necessary

Editor, The Era-Leader:

I agree with your recent column that the civil discussion of opinions has become more of a “warfare” type of activity.

Civil discussion among citizens is a necessary part of our Constitutional Republic.

I remember the conversations that my father had with various cousins and friends. They would voice their opinions and listen to others.

It was polite; others were given the full opportunity to express themselves without interruption. I learned a lot just by listening.

Nowadays, people converse very loudly, even though they are mere inches from one another, and they talk rapidly and don’t allow others to get a word into the conversation. It’s as if this is the only way that they can win the debate by not allowing the other to participate.

The facts used are oftentimes dubious in nature, without any type of verification and most often come from Facebook posts or memes.

Even the televised political debates with moderators wind up being nothing more than a big squabble with more political kerfuffery thrown around than conscientious discussion of platforms and policies.

Thank you for your stand on publishing letters and comments to your editorials whether they agree with you or not.

There should be no embarrassment attached to an open honest statement and discussion of opinion.

Ben M Sarro, Franklinton


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