Writer offers his views on Electoral College

Editor, The Era-Leader:

This is a response to your editorial of August 19, 2020 in which you took the position that the Electoral College should be eliminated in Presidential elections and we instead institute a one man-one vote format.

I am sure that you have given this idea considerable thought and feel comfortable with roughly five states (California, New York, Texas, Florida, and Pennsylvania) being able to choose our Presidents in future elections if present population levels remain the same. In my opinion, this is why the Founding Fathers made certain that there was a fair and equitable system established in the Constitution of this country to prevent exactly this scenario from happening. At the time of the founding of our country, the coastal states (especially New York, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania) were the most populous and the Founding Fathers foresaw that the expansion of this country inland would take many decades for the populations of future states to come close to those levels (even if all were combined). Thus, they established the Electoral College to give every new state, as it joined the Union, representation in the Presidential Election and protected its existence by making any change to the system require a national Constitutional amendment.

I am sure that you remember from your Civics class in High School that an amendment to the Constitution requires a two-thirds majority of all the states in the Union to pass and that is why the over 900 proposed amendments (according to the Wall Street Journal, August 13, 2020) that have been put forth to eliminate or change the College have failed. While there are certainly some state legislatures that would endorse the one man-one vote idea, it is clear that the majority of the mid-sized and smaller states do not want to become irrelevant in the selection process.

As you stated, in the 2016 election, Mrs. Clinton accumulated over 3 Million more popular votes that did President Trump, but she accumulated them in some of the most populous states. As many election strategists have stated, after analyzing the election results, Mrs. Clinton (and her advisors) did not pay attention to the states that eventually decided the election. I feel certain that strategists of both parties will not make that same mistake this cycle.

While one man-one vote is perfect for municipal, parish, and state elections, it deprives the majority of the population of this country any voice in Presidential elections. This is the reason that our forefathers left England to form this country...to have a say-so in the governance of their affairs.

Thank you for your time and consideration of these ideas.

, James W. (Jimmy) Burris Franklinton


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