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Welcome to the help/support page.

Our website has regular updates, tweaks and new features.

Many can be left wondering about the best ways to manage it all.

The tutorial pages below will help you navigate.

They contain simple categorization by topic with a variety of hyperlinks/images/videos/etc.

Let's get started:

Table of Contents

These are all categorized and hyperlinked (you can click on them for easy access).


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Getting Started



How do I access the website platform?

- How is the website structured?

- What Are The Common Sections?

- How can I use the Search Bar?


- What is the User Dashboard?

- How can I access the E-Editions?

- Where can I find historical articles/issues/snippets?

- What are the Email Newsletters?


- How can I pay my Advertising bill online?


- What is the Community Calendar?

- What is the Friends Feed?

- What is the Neighbors Feed?

- How can I invite friends/others to post?

- Where can users Buy & Sell items?




Ads Graphic

User Features


- Reader Posting (and how you can be paid to post content)

- Comics/Cartoons/Games (what we offer and their update schedule)

- The Community Calendar (and how it can be used to promote local events)

- The Friends Feed (and using our local, non-tracked social media tool)

- The Neighbors Feed (and how you can share posts directly to local areas)

- Buy & Sell (and how users can either find items/make money selling them)


Ads Graphic

- Local Advertising (and how to run an ad with our website/newsletters/print publication)

- Statewide Advertising (and how to run an ad in 20+ possible publications across the state)



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